Hello, I’m Shanta. World Wide Web Wine Writer.

When I’m not writing for the web, I enjoy hiking and travelling in my spare time. And drinking wine, natch. If you are a vineyard or otherwise involved in the wine industry and need a world wide web wine writer, I’m your gal. Tired of writing your blog? Need customer nurturing with emails or newsletter? Some fancy-schmancy words encircling the big beautiful bottle of wine on your page? I can do all of that, and more.

Pour me a glass and let’s chat.

I strive to write simple, delightful, and useful customer experiences. I take on projects of all sizes, from web content (SEO), to blogs, to email, to newsletters, and much more. As long as you need customers, leads and nurturing, I’m your writer. I am distributed as a freelance writer and am looking for opportunities specifically in the wine industry.

Please do say hello and let’s *clink* a glass to new friends.